Thursday, May 31, 2012

#41 | Develop a 'Bill Station'

(Sorry for the crappy photo)

For years I've been storing all of my bank statements in a drawer.  They were all mixed up with no organization what so ever.  It started to drive me crazy, but I didn't have a place to put all of it.  Mom had this storage container and let me have it.  Perfect place to keep all of my paperwork stuff.  And it's portable! Even better!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#40 | Get a Job

I know I put 'get a job' on my set of goals when I had already begun my new job on May 7, 2012.  But this is a big milestone, as I am embarking on my journey of adulthood.  I felt it was something that shouldn't be overseen.

Monday, May 28, 2012

101 in 1001

I decided to try a new adventure.  101 things to do in 1001 days.

On this blog I'm going to document my journey.  
I started this journey on May 27, 2012 and will finish on August 22, 2015.

Some of these things are pretty basic and easy to do.
Some are things I've done before and want to do again.
Some are going to take a little more work.
And some might not actually happen within the time frame or ever.

And I'm ok with that.

The List:

1.  See the Pacific Ocean
2.  Research my family tree
3.  Build a blanket fort and sleep in it
4.  Adopt an animal
5.  Have a yard sale
6.  Donate blood
7.  Take one photo a day for a year
8.  Get a massage
9.  Watch the sun rise
10.  Go on a family vacation
11.  Go to the Omaha zoo
12.  Start an herb garden
13.  But a new phone
14.  Read a chapter in the bible every night for a week
15.  Do a Week in the Life project again
16.  Start my Project Life scrapbook
17.  Go to a concert
18.  Take a hot air balloon ride
19.  Pay for the person behind me at a drive-thru
20.  Put flowers on the graves of my deceased family members
21.  Take a yoga class
22.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen
23.  Send Christmas cards
24.  Visit the Northwest
25.  Get married
26.  Watch all the Best Picture Oscar movies
27.  Watch all the Best Actor Oscar movies
28.  Watch all the Best Actress Oscar movies
29.  Watch all the Best Supporting Actor/Actress movies
30.  Grow tulips
31.  Pick strawberries
32.  Visit a state I've never been to before
33.  Pain one wall an outrageous color
34.  Stay up and watch the sunrise on New Year's
35.  Visit my childhood home
36.  Visit a butterfly sanctuary
37.  Try 40 new recipes
38.  Spend whole weekend without using computer
39.  Get a job
40.  Develop a 'bill station'
41.  Try 5 new local restaurants
42.  Take an online class
43.  Meal Plan
44.  Don't eat fast food for a month
45.  Don't eat sweets for 2 weeks
46.  Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor.
47.  Keep my room clean for 3 months
48.  Do 10 projects from my pinterest board
49.  Grow carrots
50.  ride a roller coaster
51.  Have a pancake dinner reunion
52.  Go to a tulip festival
53.  Go horseback riding
54.  Embrace my natural curly hair for a week
55.  Clean out the garage
56.  Visit a lighthouse
57.  Go back to Washington DC with the family
58.  Travel to Hawaii
59.  Go whale watching
60.  Go on a picnic
61.  Read 50 books
62.  Go to Shatto Dairy farm with the family
63.  Pain a piece of furniture
64.  Make my own ice cream
65.  Play bingo
66.  Visit Mall of America again
67.  Be in a parade
68.  Have a Godfather marathon
69.  Make a quilt
70.  Go to World War 1 museum in  Kansas City
71.  Buy a new lens for my camera
72.  Go to a drive in movie theater
73.  See a Cirque du Soleil show
74.  Learn to make cheesecake
75.  Vote in the next election
76.  Go wine tasting
77.  Make pizza from scratch
78.  Plant a tree for Earth Day
79.  Complete a 5000 piece puzzle
80.  Donate hair to Locks of Love
81.  Visit a waterfall
82.  Paint the front porch
83.  Take a pottery class
84.  Take a cake decorating class
85.  Go to a show in Branson
86.  Search for a rainbow on a rainy day
87.  go to a high school football game
88.  Learn to mow the lawn with the tractor
89.  Visit 5 museaums
90.  Eat 3 things I've never tried before
91.  Try a new hair style
92.  Go to a fireworks show on the Fourth of July
93.  Make a playlist of 26 songs (each starting with a different letter of the alphabet) and listen to them in alphabetical order on a road trip
94.  Watch 5 Disney movies to discover what it is I missed during my childhood
95.  Send a letter to someone living outside of the United States
96.  Have a John Hughes movie marathon
97.  go to a midnight showing of a movie
98.  Only use reusable bags at the grocery store for a month
99.  go on a hike
100.  Have a game night with family
101.  Make a collection of 25 black and white photos