Friday, May 17, 2013

#50 | Ride a Roller Coaster

I am not a fan of roller coasters.  It has been years since the last time I rode one and it was a pretty bad experience, but I decided to give it another go, thus why it is on the list.  This past weekend my girlfriends and I went to Worlds of Fun for Kristin’s bachelorette party.  What a perfect time to cross off this prompt on the list.  Prior to leaving I told mom that I would NOT ride one that had my feet dangle and I would NOT ride one that went upside down.  Guess what roller coaster I decided to try out?  One where my feet dangled AND one that goes upside down.  (I think I deserve extra points!)

Thankfully, this one didn’t end up like the last roller coaster I rode.  And I did ride it again before we left.  I’m glad to know that should I go back to Worlds of Fun, I have some rides that won’t bother me, but man, I am not one who finds roller coasters as the coolest thing on earth.  I prefer my feet to stay on the ground.

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Completed : May 11, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Answer 50 Questions to Free Your Mind

So, this wasn’t originally on my list.  Before, it was ‘try a new hair style’.  Yes, I get a lot of compliments on my hair and I can curl it and do the basic styles, but hair is not my thing.  Over the years I’ve tried different styles that I think look alright and end up walking around town looking like a person who should never touch hair in the first place.  This was put on the list because I needed a filler and that was the best I could come up with at the time.

(While I don’t want to change everything on my list, I am ok with changing a few things here and there to keep me feeling inspired to continue on this journey.)

A few weeks ago I came across this prompt (Answer 50 Questions to Free Your Mind) and thought why not.  I was in need of some mental stimulation and actually answered all of these questions in a matter of days.  Some were really easy to answer and others made me stop and think a little bit.  It will be interesting to go back and read my answers in a few years to see if I still agree with myself.  Maybe I’ll tell myself to answer them again on my next 101 list!

No, I will not be sharing my answers, but I would encourage you to try answering these questions yourself!

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Completed : April 19, 2013