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#27 | Watch all the Best Picture Oscar Movies

We did it!  Mom and I have watched every single movie that won an Academy Award for Best Picture.  It took us 21 ½ months but we did it.  Some of these movies we had never seen before and they were incredible, others not so much.

About half way through I decided to make notes/comments about each movie.  Unfortunately I don’t remember some of them, at least not enough for me to make an accurate comment.  So this will have to do.

The ones that are italicized are my top ten picks.  The ones that are underlined are mom’s top ten picks.  We agreed on four of them.  It was so hard to narrow it down to ten.

1928 | Wings | Not too bad after you got over the shock there are NO words.
1929 | The Broadway Melody | Pretty good.  If you want a good laugh rent it and watch the dancing.
1930 | All Quiet on the Western Front | Loved this!  A good surprise.
1931 | Cimarron |
1932 | Grand Hotel |
1933 | Cavalcade |
1934 | It Happened One Night | Very very cute move.  Loved it!
1935  | Mutiny on the Bounty | Not a big fan.  Couldn’t keep my attention.
1936 | The Great Ziegfeld
1937 | The Life of Emile Zola | Not too great.
1938 | You Can’t Take it with You | How was this even nominated.
1939 | Gone with the Wind | Classic.
1940 | Rebecca | I remember seeing this a few times and re-watched it for this list.  It’s a pretty good movie.
1941  | How Green Was My Valley | Pretty good.  Lost interest in middle though.
1942 | Mrs. Miniver | Cute but nothing extraordinary.
1943 | Casablanca | Over rated.  Second time watching and couldn’t keep my attention.
1944 | Going My Way | Ok.  Not sure why it won though.
1945 | The Lost Weekend | A pretty good movie.  It had some funny parts, but the story line is a little sad, especially since I have a few family members who have suffered from alcoholism.
1946 | The Best Years of Our Lives | Definitely one of the best movies ever.
1947 | Gentleman’s Agreement | I liked this movie.  Had an interesting story line.
1948 | Hamlet | I had to study way too much Shakespeare in high school so I think I’m still burned out.  But this was a really good rendition of the story.
1949 | All the King’s Men | Didn’t keep my attention….
1950 | All About Eve | One of the first movies I watched on this list.  Liked it, very good movie.
1951 | An American in Paris | Love Gene Kelly!
1952 | The Greatest Show on Earth | Circus move.  A little long, but not too bad.
1953 | From Here to Eternity | Really good.  One of the best movies on the list.
1954 | On the Waterfront | Good movie.
1955 | Marty | Short, cute, and sweet.
1956 | Around the World in 80 Days | Not sure how this made Best Picture with much better moves released this year.  At least the butler was funny.
1957 | The Bridge on the River Kwai | Very unrealistic.  I can guarantee being a POW in WWII was not that easy.
1958 | Gigi | I used to watch this a lot when I was little, but had to re-watch.
1959 | Ben Hur | I’ve seen this many times when I was little.  Very good. 3 ½ hours in a little long…
1960 | The Apartment | Seen before and wanted to re-watch.  Love Jack Lemmon, one of my favorite actors.
1961 | West Side Story | One of the best musicals ever.
1962 | Lawrence of Arabia | Ok.  A little strange and hard to follow.
1963 | Tom Jones | OMG this movie was awful.
1964 | My Fair Lady | I grew up watching this movie.  Been a while since  I’d seen it and I remembered a lot of it.
1965 | The Sound of Music | The ultimate musical.  Seriously, who hasn’t seen it?
1966 | A Man for All Seasons | I listened to this movie…
1967 | In the Heat of the Night | Good movie.  Seen it multiples times.
1968 | Oliver | I was more interested in learning about the actors, but it wasn’t too bad.  Nice to see another musical win Best Picture.
1969 | Midnight Cowboy | I can’t believe this movie got Best Picture.  The acting in it was pretty good, but the story line, wow.  Don’t want to watch that movie again.
1970 | Patton | Pretty good movie.
1971 | The French Connection |
1972 | The Godfather | Excellent movie
1973 | The Sting | Good.  Needed some explaining though.  Dad helped!
1974 | The Godfather II |
1975 | One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest | One of dad’s favorites.  Good, but so sad.
1976 | Rocky | I thought this would be horrible, but it was kind of funny.
1977 | Annie Hall | Strange.
1978 | The Deer Hunter | Could have cut out an hour, but really good movie.
1979 | Kramer vs. Kramer | Good.  Classic.
1980 | Ordinary People | Good.  The mom in it made me mad though.
1981 | Chariots of Fire | I saw this movie when I was younger and really into running.  Didn’t like it as much this time around, but the theme song it still great.
1982 | Gandhi | Much better than what I was expecting.  Parts of the movie were a little slow, but overall it was pretty good.
1983 | Terms of Endearment | I’ve seen this movie many times before and really like it.
1984 | Amadeus | Kind of funny; loved it when the characters were describing the music.  It was fascinating, especially coming form a musical family.
1985 | Out of Africa – Good.  Long.  Sad.
1986 | Platoon | It didn’t feel like the movie was ready to end when it did.
1987 | The Last Emperor | Super long.  And some parts were quite disgusting.
1988 | Rain Man | So good!
1989  | Driving Miss Daisy | A great movie.
1990 | Dances with Wolves | Mom has tried to get me to watch this movie for years.  I wish I had let her because it is a really good movie.
1991 | Silence of the Lambs | Creepy
1992 | Unforgiven | I feel like it only won an Oscar because it had some big time people in it.
1993 | Schindler’s List
1994 | Forrest Gump | Seriously?  Who hasn’t seen this one? Of course it’s good!
1995 | Braveheart | My parents used to watch this all the time when it first came out.  I had heard it many times, but was often told, “Megan, don’t look.”  I finally got to see it all the way through, excellent movie.  Really surprised Mel Gibson didn’t win the Oscar for Best Actor.
1996 | The English Patient | Wonderful movie.  I watch it every time it is on.
1997 | Titanic | One of my all time favorite movies.  I can watch it over and over.  And I’ve watched all the extras on the DVD.  I know so much about how they made this movie it is slightly embarrassing…slightly.
1998 | Shakespeare in Love | I liked this movie.  I remember trying to watch it a few years ago and not being able to sit through it, but I liked it this time.
1999 | American Beauty | Strange.  Makes me want to keep my windows shut at night so people can’t see in.
2000 | Gladiator | Great movie!
2001 | A Beautiful Mind | Mom said it was long and boring, but I didn’t think it was too bad.  I actually liked it.
2002 | Chicago | I had seen this movie when it first came to DVD and we one it, but my family didn’t really care for it.  Since I didn’t remember the movie I thought I’d re-watch it.  This time I really liked it. The interpretation of dance was amazing.  I may even watch it again.
2003 | The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King | We went to see this series for our Christmas movie all 3 consecutive years.  The first movie was my favorite, but this one wasn’t bad.
2004 | Million Dollar Baby | Such a sad movie.  Wonderful acting.
2005 | Crash | Loved this!
2006 | The Departed | Good movie.  I remember the first time I saw it I was a little bit confused. It is one that you need to see it a few more times to fully understand it.  At least I do!
2007 | No Country for Old Men | I could have gone through life not seeing this movie.
2008 | Slumdog Millionaire | I was not expecting much from this movie, but it turned out to be a great one!
2009 | The Hurt Locker | I had high expectations for this movie and was sadly let down.
2010 | The King’s Speech | Really, really good.  Totally understand how it won Best Picture and Colin Firth was great.  And I really liked the cinematography.
2011 | The Artist | I was skeptical, but I really liked

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