Friday, July 12, 2013

#92 | Visit Mall of America again

 If you read my main blog, Just Breathe, you would have known that my family and I took a little trip to Minnesota, my birth state.  During our trip I crossed off a lot of events on my 101 list!  (I love it when that happens!)

First off, visit Mall of America again.

On the first day we arrived, mom and I each met up with a friend for dinner.  Mom met with my Godmather, Mary, and I met up with my friend Jenna.  That night went by so quickly and mom and I weren’t able to meet back up to ride a few rides, so we went back the next day to get the rides in.  I was sad to see that it isn’t Camp Snoopy anymore, but it was nice to see they got some rides that were a little more adult friendly.  (However, there are some rides I wouldn’t even begin to imagine riding.  A roller coaster that goes straight up and straight down…no thanks!)

I got to ride my horse on the merry go round.  Mom and I rode the Farris wheel just to get some great photos of the park and then we rode the original roller coaster and the tumbler (I don’t remember what it was called, but that was what it was when we lived there.)  It was a blast!

Completed : June 29, 2013

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