Thursday, July 11, 2013

#63 | Paint a piece of furniture

I found this awesome piece of furniture in my grandparent’s basement.  It is a cabinet that has a fold up table top.  Perfect for spreading out during craft time.  In the future I would like to have an entire room just for crafting, but right now I don’t have the space and my supplies have crowded my little corner in my bedroom, so in the basement I went.

I started with sanding the table down a little bit and then painting.  I went with white (it would have been fun to paint it some funky color) paint because I’m not sure what my future craft room will look like and I know white will go great.  This table took many, many layers of paint.  The handles were really old and beat up so I got some new ones at Lowes.  I think I might have preferred something a little more decorative, but these were the only ones that would fit the holes that were already there (and I didn’t want to have to make new ones.)  But I’m happy with these ones.  They are more like the original ones and I think it give the table a clean, crisp look.  So happy to have this little project marked off my list!

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Completed: June 25, 2013

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