Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adopt an Animal

Meet the new fur-baby, Rory.

My neighbor found him on the street and took him in for a few weeks.  She checked the animal shelters and the newspaper to see if anyone was missing their kitten, but nothing surfaced.  She already had numerous cats and didn’t want to take in another so she began to look for a new home for him.

She called mom to see if we wanted a cat.  Dad is not a cat person and we knew he wouldn’t let us take him in, but Dakota wanted one (as long as we found one that I wasn’t allergic to).  So I went over to meet the kitten and fell in love with him immediately.  I told Dakota about the cat and he agreed to meet him.  I don’t think it took him long to fall in love with the kitten either because about ten minutes after meeting the kitten, Dakota said he would take him.

The kitten has adjusted to his new home really well.  He seems to be quite the cuddler at night and has had some frisky moments.  He has discovered the shower curtain liner and has poked a few holes in it.  (We will be getting him declawed soon.)  He is pretty precious!

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