Friday, December 6, 2013

Go to a Concert

It was the first night of ‘winter weather’ this year.  It was cold and rainy (which turned a little icy) and we had an hour and a half drive ahead of us to go to a concert.  D was supposed to go with me but couldn’t so mom took his place.   She was not happy about driving in the bad weather, so my dad decided he would drive us and hang out in Lawrence while we went to the concert.

When we got ready to leave the house, our car had a nice layer of ice covering it.  Mom and I decided the trip wasn’t worth it, but dad was adamant in going.  So we all hoped into the car and prayed we wouldn’t hit any ice as we drove to Kansas.  But that is the kind of dad I have.  The one that will drive an hour and a half just to wander around a little town and sit at a diner for 3 hours while mom and I go to a concert.  And then drive us back home.  (Mom went to college there and she began dating my dad while she was there so it was fun for them to see how much the town has changed.  And it made the 3 hour wait for my dad a little more bearable.  But still….)

The concert was for Matt Nathanson, one of my favorite singers.  I had seen him in concert 4 times prior to this concert.  When I bought the tickets back in June I had no idea that another one of my favorite singers, Joshua Radin, would be opening.  Double plus!

So, we get to the concert and the opening act, Joshua Radin, was already singing.  He was incredible!  And after he performed he told the audience to come see him at the back table, right where mom and I were standing.  So we hop in line and get a photo with him.  IT.WAS.AWESOME!

A few minutes later, Matt got up on stage and rocked.  Out of all 5 times I’ve seen him perform, this was definitely my favorite.  He sang all my favorite songs and you could tell he was having a lot of fun with our audience.  It was an awesome night!

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