Friday, October 17, 2014

Pick Pumpkins

In 2011 it was the first year doing my 52 week project and the first year we went to the pumpkin patch.  Ok, not the first time ever, but the first time in a really long time.  I remember laughing as dad claimed he found the best looking pumpkin; the one that looked like it had exploded.  The weather was perfect and felt like fall had arrived.   We had so much fun goofing around that we decided we would do this each year.

In 2012 things were a little different.  Dad was recovering from his second bone morrow transplant and couldn’t go.  It was just me and mom.  We had fun, but we wished dad could go with us to because we know he secretly liked going last year.  It was a little bittersweet.  This time the weather was chilly and coats were definitely needed.

In 2013.  The cancer is coming back but things are still ‘normal’.  This year is was hot and humid.  We had a large storm come through in the morning and it left the farm a little muddy, but it didn’t stop us from picking pumpkins.  Just like last year dad found the best looking pumpkin.  This one looked like it had exploded, been turned inside out and baked in an over.  Dakota came with us and he found the three largest pumpkins on the farm.

This year, 2014, Dakota and I are engaged.  (Next year we will be a week away from getting married!)  Dad's still battling cancer and has a broken collar bone as a result of the cancer growing after not being on chemo for 6 months earlier this year.  However, he has recently started a new treatment plan and seems to be doing alright.  Mom has been dealing with asthma and was having some troubles breathing, but nothing too bad.  She was still very happy to come with us and keep the tradition going.  This year was also very, very cold.  You can't tell, but I have three layers of long sleeves on.  So very different from the year before.  

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