Friday, June 7, 2013

#80 | (Donate hair to Locks for Love) Try a new hair style – Cut

Getting my hair deep conditioned
So, really I just need to stop changing up my 101 list.  I originally had ‘Try a new hair style’ and I replaced it with something different.  I’m doing it again, but this time I’m adding a new hair style back into my list.   Whatever…no biggie. 

I decided I want to grow my hair out again and cutting it for Locks of Love is not going in that direction.  So it's going off the list. 

The last few months years I’ve been having problems with my hair and stylist.  I do a lot of heat damage to my hair and I get it cut every 6 weeks and I still walk out of the salon covered in split ends.  This last time I got my hair cut, she butchered it and I just about had it. 

So a few weeks ago I was in my friend’s wedding and we got our hair done at a salon I’ve never been to before.  Without saying anything (I just asked how much a cut cost), the stylist told me my hair needed some major help.  Yikes! 

So, I finally went for it and tried out a new hair place for the first time in 7 years.  And guess what!?  She did an awesome job!  She suggested I do a deep conditioning to help restore my hair, and then she cut, fixed my layers (so I didn’t have a length layer and 1 distinctive shorter layer), and advised me on what kind of hair protectors I should use.  I’ve never done a deep conditioning and my hair is silky smooth and so soft.  My cut is shorter than my normal and the layers up around my face are pretty short.  And I walked out without any split ends!  (Well, I think I’ve found 2, but that is completely expected.)  Needless to say, I’ve never been this happy with my hair in a really really long time!

#31 of 101
Completed: June 6, 2013

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